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Can AI create website for me?

It’s early 2023 – and currently i believe it’s still impossible AI is a great tool that can help you out but it’s still only a tool and you need to be aware of a lot of factors during website creation and can’t rely on AI itself. AI suits the best simple tasks that can be done in 0-1 process like for example translations – which as far as i know it’s great in it.

Creation is also something in which AI started to be very good at – but in order to create something complex – you need to specify exactly what you need. If you want something that will have an X in it – you need to specify that you want X in it. The main question here is how would you know if there is this X required by user or not? You can of course ask AI about it – but what if he says “no”? Will you then ask him that user requires to put them Y? It can go on till you end whole alphabet.

Yet – there is also good news – AI can help you alot for example by making some art that is close to the final website but still – there is a lot of need to improve it and lots of problems to solve.

I was trying to create website using mid-journey bot – and he made a great artistic artwork – but it was very far from UX/UI standards that people know wordlwide from the web itself in order for that kind of website to work – i’ll need to make a lot’s of amendments there – and it’s almost like creating website from scratch (measuring time).

Next thing is code – of course todays front-end language (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) allows you to create almost everything – so there will be no problem with creation of something even that visually complex – but this is next factor – more visual complexity on the website – time to code gets higher and this is exactly why designer should also posses front-end knowledge – to know what type of effects he should use in order to save time on front-end and still make website look outstanding.

As you can see – website design and all the design work is very complex task and currently nobody came up with the algorythm to do so. Every design work requires knowledge of psychology, usability, aesthetics, used materials (in case of website – final materials are HTML, CSS and JavaScript), SEO knowledge and much more. But most important is still – knowing the enviroment and users that crawls the web every single day in billions.

AI bots currently are very limited and they mostly just can’t scan entire web by themselves – they just learned something by they creators – so they are very limited compared to human mind – who can type everything he dreams on in the search engine and fast travel to far distance of the globe in just the matter of seconds.

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