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How much Designer will cost me? Will i go bankrupt?

No. Good designer will never rip you off your wallet. In worse case scenario he should tell you: “I’m sorry but your budget is to low for that kind of service”. But starting with the question “how much it’ll cost me?” is not a good idea – cause it’s impossible to answer that question straight away.

It’s impossible simply because there are simple and complex designs there is logo design (which is the simplest thing to do and to some degree it can be estaminated at the beggining) but there are also simple business card page, there are e-commerce websites – which are far more complex, there is app design (where there are simple and complex apps).

What you think? How much will cost today if someone will be aiming to do redesign of whole allegro or amazon platform? I think the price will be in thousands of dollars and just before you say: “but those websites are great! they don’t need to do that!” – i’ll tell you that design process never ends and it can always be done better.

This is also the reason why i’m trying to ask clients “what is your budget for the website” – cause that way – i can propose something best for the price and that way – you know exactly what are you paying for. I’m not selling you empty promisses here – i’ll not tell you that after my website your sale will skyrocket 100% but i can pretty much make an estamination that for X money budget – hapiness of your clients should raise about Y%. Maybe not at first – cause people got always problems when something changes and there is new creation that they are not familiar with – but in time – it should be recived positivly in Y% raise of satisfaction from using it – which in direct line translates to your sales.

So asking straight away question like “how much will design cost me?” is same as asking “how much for a car?” – well it depends what kind of a car – and if your answer is “Mercedes, i want mercedes” there is still questions like “class A or class S, what engine, what kind of equipment” etc?

Maybe some day i’ll create algorythm for creating such a calculator – but design is such complex process that it’ll require so much data from you – that i think it’s much easier to just have a real life conversation and agree on the budget and what i can give you for that.

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