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Why you should hire a Web Designer?

We are living in times when everybody can create his own website with just a few clicks. This is of course good thing that people can that simple start existing over the internet but there are some downsides of that kind of websites.

Of course as usuall – it depends. If you need something simple for a start and you don’t care too much about your apperance over internet – it can be enough to just install wordpress and put some content on it with few clicks. But on the other hand if you want to have something more sophisticated or add some custom functionalities – you can hit the wall if you are anable to find the right plugin.

But this is something from a code point of view – what about design itself then? Well it depends. If you want your website to be remembered by users and you want them to come back and after they enter first thing that is coming to they mind is: “wow – they need to be good” – you need a web designer.

First of all only UI layer (looks itself) of your website should be adapted to your branding (logo, flyers, printed materials etc.) and that kind of creation is an art itself and require lot’s of knowledge about colors, fonts, managing photography etc.

Second of all we’ve got UX layer (which is usability) of the website. Don’t get me wrong – if you install simple wordpress and fill it with content UX will be pretty good but again – if you add to it more functionalities you’ll encounter issues on how to mix that together to keep it working well. Web Designer most likely understands how World Wide Web works and how people are operating around it – because of that it’s best idea to hire someone with experience if you want to create something high-end or even mid-end.

Third argument will be SEO. Most of already made templates and software for easy website creation – like for example wix.com – doesn’t offer much support about SEO – so you can make your website but you’ll stay invisible to the public because search engines will not be able to find it.

There is a lot of things you should consider when ordering a website but we as a experienced Web Designers are here to help you. Best of designers will try to find a solution that fits you best and fits best your needs.

I was creating websites for various different clients – really small companies – like one person Financial-advisor or multi-international companies like Culinary University that got universities around the world. This is exactly why every single client in my case i treated individualy. Some of them don’t need anything fancy or complex – it comes also with much lower price for a simple website but if website is much more complex – i need to spend much more time on it.

This is also reason why we don’t offer any prices on the website visible to you – every single project for me is different, requires different approach, different amount of time and prices are dependant on too many factors to answer you’re question “how much website cost?”.

It’s pretty much same question as “how much car costs?” – well it depends which car.

Neither less – i can offer solution always exactly for your needs and if you want something really simple like one page with contact info for a start – we can even close in aproximetly $50 – $100 – but here sky is the limit. In the end it’s always your choice if you wanna buy some cheap Mercedes A class, S class, what type of engine you want to put inside, what kind of additional equipment etc.

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